June 20, 2009

US Drones Patrol Akwesasne

June 18, 2009. Mohawk Nation News
Mohawks refuse to have guns. We wanted to keep our people safe.
The Haudenosaunee and our allies are the custodians of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River watershed which we never surrendered. We are the “keepers of the Eastern Door” of Great Turtle Island. According to the Jay Treaty 1794 the US-Canada border is meant for the visitors, not for any Indigenous.

The colonists can put whatever restrictions they can get away with on their own people. They can’t interfere with the inherent right of the Ongwehonwe to traverse our land free from harassment by the occupation forces. We will decide what kind of identification we will use to traverse our territory.

The Canada and US border services agencies shut down their imaginary line on May 31 2009. Now they want to combine their border patrol on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Why did Canada want to put in this gun policy at Akwesasne knowing we would object? Border agents were encouraged to create a confrontation. We did not react and made no justification for the guns.

The US and Canada know we are sovereign. It’s a nation-to-nation issue. Legally they have to go through the Governor General or US President to speak to us.

It looks like Canada wanted to open the door for the US military to legally enter Canada.
Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan, announced on June 18th that the US is going to fly unmanned predator drones over Akwesasne from Fort Drum near Watertown New York. These can accurately fire missiles at specific houses, buildings and even people, just like in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They can take pictures and listen to conversations 30 miles into Canada.
The fake situation in Akwesasne is meant to justify this surveillance across the continent to spy on Canadians. Since we have been illegally declared as enemy combatants, they can take away our civil and human rights and fire any kind of missiles at us. They are doing this in Pakistan, violating their sovereignty.

Conservative government’s reaction to our position has been violent. Tyendinaga Mohawks were attacked by what looked like military commandos.
Why? A militia is now being set up in Caledonia to go after the Six Nations people. Presently they are unarmed and not in uniform.

Ron Moran, president of the Customs and Immigration Union, said the majority of the guards have been advised not to return to work as long as the border crossing stays on Kawenoke, Cornwall Island. Not having guns could have adverse health effects. We are being used in a phony labor management dispute. It looks like the border guards are going to be removed and replaced by the military.

Canada and Big Tobacco deliberately created the downward spiral of our community trying to bring us under trusteeship. We have been harassed, criminalized and can’t get jobs. We have been put in a helpless position and in personal debts of millions of dollars in bogus fines for as much as $50 million for conducting trade and commerce to feed our families. Big Tobacco of the UK does not want competitors. They took our ceremonial tobacco and turned it into a multi billion dollar business.

Randy Hillier, Member of the Ontario Government, said on June 18, 2009, “The Mohawks only arrived in Canada after the American War of Independence and were granted reserves”. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Ontario, Toronto, Canada, Hochelaga and Donnacona are all Iroquois place names. He stated further that Prime Minister Stephen Harper can arm border guards if he wants to. He’s insinuating that we have no rights. He’s using anger at us to stir up votes to become the Ontario Conservative Party leader.

Recent Federal Court of Canada orders bear out the plot. Two Mohawk women were brutally assaulted on June 14, 2008 at the Akwesasne border. They could not bring charges against the border guards unless they paid court costs. Prothonotary Mireille Tabib made an order on October 23, 2008 that Mohawks residing in Akwesasne and Kahnawake are not residents of Canada. Yet someone coming from South Africa, if assaulted, can lay criminal charges for free! The Canadian judicial system has made us persona non grata with no rights to be protected by their system like everybody else in the world. This violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 1.

Crown agencies such as the RCMP, OPP, CBSA and the Attorney General of Canada have refused to investigate this crime. Subsequent orders supporting Tabib are: Judge Francois Lemieux on January 29, 2009; and Claude Morissette on March 16, 2009. [613-952-4238].

Is the incident at the border a pretext to show how the Canadian and US military and police are going to treat people? The siege and surveillance look like growing martial law. Laws have been passed to protect the military and police from anyone defending themselves from them. Cops can now sue their victims. The multinational corporations used this same tactic to shut down the environmentalists.

Europe and the US are fighting over Canada’s resources. The Europeans have the money, but not the soldiers. They control the banks, car companies, mines, etc. The US has the bombs, soldiers, planes and war machinery. The US economy is now deflated and headed toward bankruptcy. Monied people bought up everything at low prices, like companies, houses, infrastructure, factories, and roads. The US is in hawk to the banksters, becoming a vassal state to Europe. Economically desperate US manpower can be used as mercenaries by the banksters for global conquest.

This scheme was concocted a long time ago and being played out to bankrupt and create 350 million desperate poor US and Canadian people. Are the US and Canada trying to provoke and trap us Mohawks into defending ourselves just like the Palestinians so they can come in and do away with us first and then the rest later?

-thanks to Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com

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