June 23, 2009

Press Conference: Spc. Trevor Loope appears before sanity board at Ft. Drum 6-18-09

Citizen Soldier held a press conference June 18, 2009 in Watertown, NY just prior to Specialist Trevor Loope’s appearance before a sanity board at Fort Drum later that morning. Sp/4 Trevor Loope is facing a possible court-martial trial for going AWOL. After returning to base from a combat tour in Afghanistan, he was unable to obtain needed treatment for PTSD with severe depression. He left the base for his home city of Austin, Tx. Eventually he was seen by Dr. David Ogren, a clinical psychologist from Houston who diagnosed Trevor as hsuffering from PTSD and severe depression. At the time of the press conference, it was uncertain whether Dr. Ogren would be allowed to address the sanity board. Tod Ensign, a lawyer and director of Citizen Soldier, spoke and introduced Dr. Ogren and Eric Werthman, a psychiatric social worker in NYC. A reporter from WWNY TV, the Watertown CBS affiliate, posed questions.

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