June 22, 2009

How About a New FB/Twitter App for Victims of US Warcrimes?

When you think of your Senator or Congressman, remember this picture - almost all of them voted again to continue these atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When you think of our War Resisters, remember that we lock them up for refusing to do this.

If you don't want to see pictures like this, don't let it happen. Help a soldier who chooses to resist. -Russell

ABOVE: A victim of a US bombing in Afghanistan on May 4 under Commander in Chief Barack Obama.
Seeing some of these people online turning their profile pictures green “for Iran” makes me want to create a Facebook and Twitter application that turns profile pictures blood red, in solidarity with all of the Afghans and Iraqis and Pakistanis being killed by US wars today; wars that people in the US failed to stop and whose representatives continue to fund to the tune of $100s of billions.—Jeremy Scahill at Rebel Reports

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