November 23, 2008


NYSAVETHEGUARD is part of a national campaign ( to defederalize the National Guard, bring them home now and stop deploying our state militia to Iraq. The New York State National Guard must be at home to protect its residents in a time of local disaster. We need our National Guard at home and the equipment that has been needlessly sent overseas.

We, the undersigned, petition the New York State Legislature and Governor to stop the deployment of
the New York State National Guard Units, and we urge the President to withdraw all New York State National
Guard units from Iraq.
In 2002 Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq (AUMF), and in
March 2003 the President, in reliance on the AUMF, ordered U.S. Armed Forces, including units of the
National Guard, to invade and occupy Iraq.
The AUMF had two clearly defined and limited goals: (1) To “defend the national security of the United
States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq,” which the Administration warned had weapons of mass
destruction (WMDs), and (2) “to enforce all relevant United Nations Security Council Resolutions regarding
It has long been undisputed that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and there are no relevant UN Security
Council Resolutions remaining to be enforced, within the meaning of the AUMF.
Therefore, the legal basis for federalizing and deploying the National Guard has expired and no longer
provides a tenable basis for calling up the New York National Guard to serve in Iraq.
We the undersigned support the Resolution currently before the New York Senate and Assembly (1)
urging the President to return units of the New York National Guard for service in our State, where they are
needed for national security and to aid in the event of natural disasters and to, and (2) petitioning the Governor
to decline calls to federalize units of the New York National Guard for service in Iraq until and unless he is
presented with an order to do so based on a valid and subsisting Act of Congress.
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Please mail completed petition to: Elaine Brower, 7 Sandalwood Drive, SI, NY 10308 MFSO NYC 8/18/2008

November 20, 2008

Prisoner of conscience Robin Long's letter to Obama

By Robin Long, prisoner of conscience. November 6, 2008Dear President-elect Obama,
My name is Robin Long. I am currently serving a 15-month sentence at a Naval brig in California. I am locked up for refusing to participate in the invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq, a military action I felt was wrong and an action condemned by most of the international community.
It was illegal and immoral.
My sentence also includes dishonorable discharge. I was no doubt made an example, because not only did I refuse to deploy by going AWOL but I spoke out. I spoke out about the atrocities that are going on over there and also the extensive web of lies the Bush administration told us and Congress, to go over there. I did all of this very openly while AWOL in Canada, where I was making a life for myself.
When I joined the Army in 2003 I felt honored to be serving my country. I was behind the President. I thought it was an honorable venture to be in Iraq. I was convinced by the lies of the Bush administration just like Congress and a majority of Americans. But just because I joined the Army doesn’t mean I abdicated my ability to evolve intellectually and morally. When I realized the war in Iraq was a mistake, I saw refusing to fight as my only option. My conscience was screaming at me not to participate.
I feel, like many others, that a government that punishes its citizens for taking a moral stand for humanity and against injustices will lose the faith of its people. The war in Iraq was a Bush administration mistake and my punishment is a product of that mistake and failed policy. Please see that I am being punished for my ideals and morals and for standing up to a giant so my voice could be heard. People can’t be afraid to stand up and say “This is wrong, we need change.”
You may say I signed a contract. I’d like to quote from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to George Washington in April of 1793 on his thoughts of contracts and the French Treaties. And I quote “When performance, for instance, becomes impossible, non-performance is not immoral. So if performance becomes self destructive for the party, the law of self preservation overrules the laws of obligations to others. For the reality of these principals I appeal to the true fountains of evidence, the heart and head of every rational honest man.”
For me to continue to participate in my military contract would have been self-destructive to me at my deepest levels of self. It goes against everything I believe in, my ideals and morals. In the case of the invasion of Iraq, international law was broken, as well as violating our own Constitution. Article VI of the Constitution states that any treaty the US is signatory shall be the supreme law of the land. The invasion broke the rules set out for declaring war in the Geneva Convention. And according to the Nuremburg Principles laid out at the Nuremburg Tribunals, I had a higher international duty supported by our Constitution to refuse service in Iraq.
While I was in Canada I had a child. This sentence will have a lasting impact not only on my life but also on the life of my son. My son and his mother are Canadian (not duel citizenship). With a felony conviction (a year plus a day), it will be very difficult for me to re-enter Canada. I would like to live there so I can be in my son’s life. Every child needs a father. I want to return to my responsibilities as a father.
This sentence is a great hardship because it has an impact on my life that could last well into the future. This would successfully separate a family. My family needs me, to be a father figure and a financial supporter. My son was born after the fact of me deserting. Please don’t punish him more than I already have by being gone now. I love and miss him and the thought of being reunited with him is helping me get through my time here. I feel I made the right decision by refusing and am more than willing to sit in the brig for my ideals. But I worry about the effect this has on my family.
I ask you to please consider granting me presidential clemency or a pardon. I have given this to many different organizations and people to ensure that you receive a copy. I am so happy that you were elected President. I feel real change coming. You are the light after the storm, “Hurricane Bush” if you will.
If you would like more information on me you can listen to an audio interview on (below) or read more at,,
-Robin Long
Write to Robin in the brig at: Robin Long; PO Box 452136; San Diego, CA 92145-2136