June 13, 2009

No armed occupation of Akwesasne

photo from Native Pride
Anonymous said... June 12, 2009 8:53 PM
Hannah Arendt, a German-Jewish political theorist, determined that the use of violence and force were signs of weakness. A truly powerful people would not have to resort or stoop to such needs.
Our use of civil disobedience cuts at the core necessity of an oppressive state; the need for obedience. We don't have to stand together to fight, only to resist, only to stop obeying the oppressors.
Those among us that insist on preaching the rightness of US and Canadian law are only serving those that would do us harm and seek to eliminate us as a distinct people. Not one shot needs to be fired, not one punch thrown. In '97, it wasn't so much the violent confrontations as much as it was the potential for conflict that turned things in our favor.

The next road or bridge or train that is disrupted should not lead to injuries, to us or them. I hope the next time, our people disperse only to reassemble later or in a different location. They are weak. They need the violence. Our strength is that we are home. We can kiss our kids, grab a bite, catch some Z's and come back to disobey some more. It costs us nothing and them millions.

So I say go ahead block the hi-way and when their fifty cruisers show up, go home and take a nap. We'll see you later at the next one.

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Mary/Bruce said...

She who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!

Excellent post!