June 17, 2009

Questioning the War? You are not alone.

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GI resistance against war is anything that gives service members and veterans a voice and makes it harder for the military to function like a well-oiled machine. It ranges from reading anti-war literature to refusing an order to refusing deployment to a war zone.

GI resistance is not dishonorable, and it will not put the lives of your buddies in jeopardy. Rather, it is a concrete way to end war and bring the troops home. GI resistance played a central role in ending the war in Vietnam. Having a fighting force that was difficult to control was a key factor in forcing the U.S. government to pull out.

Here are some things U.S. troops have done to stand up against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

• Reading alternative analyses of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

• Talking with friends and/or fellow military service people about your doubts about the wars.

• Learning about how thousands have already resisted by checking out couragetoresist.org

• Starting a blog.

• Educating yourself about your rights as a GI.

• Getting in touch with organizations in the peace and anti-war movement.

• Signing the Letter for Redress, an act that is Constitutionally protected.

• Joining Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), an act that is also protected, even among active members of the military.

• Wearing your IVAW shirt on base and reaching out to fellow servicemembers.

• Speaking out about crimes and atrocities being perpetrated.

• Starting a chapter of IVAW.

• Filing for a medical discharge, refusing to allow the military to use you up and destroy your mind and body.

• Refusing illegal or immoral orders on base.

• Refusing illegal or immoral orders in a war zone.

• Applying for Conscientious Objector status.

• Refusing to be detained in the military past your end of service date by the policy of Stop Loss.

• Going AWOL.

• Relocating to Canada or other countries.

• Refusing activation from the Individual Ready Reserves. couragetoresist.org/irr

Wherever you are on the spectrum, there is something you can do. Each action contributes, and there are possibilities for resistance no matter what your comfort level.

If you are thinking about taking any steps of resistance and want support or information, get in touch with one of the following organizations:

You are not alone.

Iraq Veterans Against the War
Founded in 2004, Iraq Veterans Against the War is an organization of veterans and servicemembers who have served since September 11th and who oppose the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and demand reparations for the Iraqi and Afghan people and full veterans benefits and support. If you have served in the military since September 11th and oppose the current direction that we have taken in regards to the Global War on Terror, contact your local IVAW chapter today.
215-241-7123 • www.ivaw.org

GI Rights Hotline
This organization has trained GI rights counselors who can help you sort out your options, learn about your rights as a GI, and get the medical care you need.
All calls are confidential. • girights@girightshotline.org
877-447-4487 • www.girightshotline.org

Civilians providing organizing support and trainings
to service members and veterans who are organizing against the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.
outofiraq@riseup.net or dcoidc@gmil.com

War Resisters League
New York City-based organization that has been resisting war at home and war abroad since 1923 through protest and direct action.

Veterans for Peace
Nationwide network of Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam, and the Gulf War and other conflicts, as well as peacetime veterans, the group works to promote alternatives to war.

Center on Conscience and War
The Center is committed to supporting all those who question participation in war, whether they are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, documented or undocumented immigrants--or citizens in other countries. Counseling services are free of charge.

War Resisters Support Campaign
This organization, based in Canada, supports U.S. war resisters who relocate to Canada.

Courage to Resist
Courage to Resist supports the troops who refuse to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan by counseling them on their options, helping individuals coordinate legal defense and raise money, and helping resisters get their stories out to the public, if that is something they want to do. All calls are confidential. • courage@riseup.net
510-488-3559 • www.couragetoresist.org

Leaflet distributed by Courage To Resist

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End the current illegal, aggressive, and criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but support the returning veterans!