June 16, 2009

Holly Near and the Winter Soldier Witnesses to War -March, 2008

Hundreds of veterans of war gathered at Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan - Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations to hear and give testimony about these wars. The hearings - largely ignored by mainstream media - were held from March 13-16, 2008 at the National Labor College, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Videos of testimonies may be viewed at the
website of Iraq Veterans Against the War which also has related materials.

Thank you to Holly Near for giving permission to use her song - "I Am Willing" - as the musical background for this video. "I Am Willing" by Holly Near is © 2003 Hereford Music (ASCAP). It was used by permission; all rights reserved. http://www.hollynear.com

I offer my personal thanks to the veterans and others who testified at Winter Soldier. It took courage to give testimony on first hand accounts of these wars. And, I thank IVAW for giving me media credentials to cover this historic event.

I dedicate this video to the victims of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and do so in memory of the over a million who have been killed in these wars.

This video was recorded and edited by Charles Jenks and is © 2008 Charles Jenks; all rights reserved.

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