April 28, 2009

Questions & Answers about Guantanamo and the Detainees

from the NPR Legal Affairs 

An example of the NPR Q & A is the following:
Q: How many people are being held prisoner at Guantanamo Bay?
At least 520, according to the Pentagon. But the military will not release an exact figure. Several Members of Congress have tried to find out the exact figure, but they haven't succeeded.
Q: What are they charged with? 
Only four men have been Charged. . .
Can that be possible? Only 4 out of at least 520 have even been charged?

Court Agrees with Obama Administration that Detainees Still Have No Constitutional Right Not to Be Tortured . . .
. . . In its first filing on detention and torture under the Obama administration the Department of Justice filed briefs in March urging the Court of Appeals to reject any constitutional or statutory rights for detainees. The Obama Justice Department further argued that even if such rights were recognized, the Court should rule that the previous administration's officials who ordered and approved torture and abuse of the plaintiffs should be immune from liability for their actions.
-thanks to We Move To Canada for their help.

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