April 1, 2009

Hooray for the Canadian Parliament!

On Monday the Canadian House of Commons voted 129 to 125  to allow our war resisters refuge in Canada. The members of the opposition parties called on the minority Conservative government to stop removal proceedings against US War Resisters attempting to stay in Canada.

Although it is only advisory, it reflects the will of the Canadian people. They approved the same measure last June 3rd. Now the supporters can continue their work to help our resister families and and move forward to change the unreasonable practices of Prime Minister Harper and his Minister of Immigration, Kinney.

Thank you members of Parliament! 
Thank you supporters who work so hard for the welfare of our courageous resisters. 
And thank you to the resisters and their families who have made a huge stand against the war and occupation policies of the US government.

Until we can bring about the change necessary here in the states, we need to support those on the front lines. Because, with a few exceptions, our Congress is filled with men and women who are unable to stand up for justice and peacemaking, we can't count on the changes coming from Washington. We need to work harder in our local communities to bring those changes about . We need to educate ourselves about the wars and militarism and how it affects all of us. 

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

We must support the families of the war resisters. We must support the soldiers and resisters who are refusing the orders of the warmakers. We need to share the burden of these prisoners of conscience being held in our military and civilian prisons. 

Amnesty for all war resisters! 

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