April 24, 2009

Canadian federal Court hands down negative decision for War Resister, Jeremy Hinzman

I just got back from printing some 'adopt resistance' t-shirts for a meeting in Rochester tomorrow morning. I hopped on the internet to see what happened today. Not good. 

As the US is about to release more photos of our abuse of war prisoners around the world, we continue to imprison our own soldiers who spoke out against the war and occupation. 

Although there are some individual victories, our war resisters remain locked up in our prisons and other continue to face the same eventual fate. 

Jeremy Hinzman and his family lost an important appeal. Jeremy was the first Iraq War Resister to seek sanctuary in Canada and speak out publicly against the war.

This good man faces prison in the states and separation from his beautiful family.  Obama decides not to pursue war criminals and torturers while he locks up the people who refused to kill, torture and illegally occupy other lands. I can't grasp this. What can we do to help this family? We should be writing all the politicians, newspapers and bring it to the attention of the members of our churches and organizations while we figure out how we can fight this injustice. We need to act immediately. 

In the meantime here is a little bit of information about Jeremy Hinzman's situation. When I find more details, I'll post it. This is Laura's post at We Move To Canada:

We've just heard that the federal court has handed down a negative decision in Jeremy Hinzman's case. That is, the judge upheld the negative decision in the Hinzmans' Humanitarian & Compassionate application.

The bad news comes late on a Friday, as usual, locking us out of an immediate media response.

This is a real blow, even more so because the decision was rendered by the same judge who recently granted Kim Rivera leave to appeal, Justice James Russell.

At this time, we don't know what legal options remain for Jeremy and Nga. Our job is to get the word out and keep the pressure on.

Today, Jason Kenney was confronted by mothers and children at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. He was there for some government PR, but he got nailed about the case of a Korean woman who is facing deportation.

Minister agrees to review mother's deportation>

Mothers and children confront Jason Kenney at Sick Kids media conference

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney agreed today to review the deportation of a Korean woman after a dozen determined mothers and children confronted him in a hospital cafeteria.

"The mothers of the community are here to ask if the hearts of mothers can move the mind of a politician," said Marie Foley, holding her daughter Camille.

Camille is the best friend of Eugene, the 8-year-old Canadian born daughter of Kim Suk Yeung, who is scheduled to be deported to Korean Saturday night.

"This is really urgent," Foley told Kenney after an unrelated news conference at the Hospital for Sick Children. "There is a Canadian child in jail. We don't jail Canadian children."

Kim has been in the Immigration holding centre on Rexdale Blvd. since Feb. 18 after losing her refugee appeal. Eugene, a Grade 2 student at Dovercourt junior public school, joined her there Wednesday night.

When Kenney told the Davenport mothers he had no information on the case, they responded his office had received hundreds of letters and emails since March.

Tell it!

Let's tell it, too. Canadians are sick to death of this minority government forcing their will on the rest of us. We need action and we need it now! Parliament has now voted TWICE to let the war resisters stay in Canada and it's high time the government respected the will of Parliament. Is Canada a democracy or isn't it?

Speak out! Speak out loudly! Demand that Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney respect democracy!

There's a lot more you can do, if you are so inclined. There are several ways to get involved: contact me for details. But now, right now, call, write, email. Go to it!

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