April 10, 2009

Footage: G20 victim violently pushed by police

Wed, 08 Apr 2009 
The man who died during the G20 protests in London last week was violently pushed from behind by a riot policeman, new footage shows.

The video clearly shows Ian Tomlinson, 47, walking in front of a group of officers, some with dogs and others in riot gear, with his hands in his pockets. When he does not move out of their way, an officer pushes him violently from behind, sending him to the ground.

In slowed-down footage, an officer wearing a helmet can be seen apparently hitting Tomlinson from behind with a baton on the leg.

Police then stand watching as passers-by go to help Tomlinson while he sits on the floor, apparently remonstrating with the officers.

Britain's police watchdog on Wednesday reversed its decision to allow police to investigate the death of Tomlinson after watching the video footage of a baton-wielding officer attacking him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will appoint its own investigators to conduct a full criminal inquiry into whether Tomlinson was assaulted by police and whether that attack contributed to his death.

The IPCC has ordered a second postmortem examination, which aims to provide medical evidence as to what caused the death of the newspaper seller.

The first postmortem had attributed Tomlinson's death to natural causes.

-thanks to Sigrid Knutson of Seattle and Press TV

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