March 17, 2011

War resister, Chuck Wiley, paid high price, faces deportation from Canada.

Chuck Wiley, a former American military man, is speaking to various groups
in Nova Scotia this week about his opposition to the war in Iraq.
He expects to be jailed as a deserter if Canada deports him the U.S.
photo: Christian Laforce / Chronical Herald Staff

I met Chuck on a Skype call. He is an amazing man. This article is from the Chronical Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chuck who was close to retiring from what would have been a 20 year military career, chose to leave to Canada rather than participate any more in an illegal, immoral war.

'It’s legally wrong, it’s morally wrong'

By the time he reached the age of 38, Kentucky native Chuck Wiley thought he would be retired from the United States military and working at a civilian power plant "until I was too old to get out of bed."

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