March 21, 2011

Police brutality against Col. Ann Wright and Daniel Ellsberg at Free Bradley Manning Protest

In the video a man pleads with a cop to treat the nonviolent protestors humanely. Unfortunately the truth is that this is what the Marines and these robot VSP cops are taught to do.

We did it to the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Afghanis and many more including our own soldiers and protesters. We should not forget that the police attacked and killed Black Panthers in the 60's who fed and clothed the people in their communities when nobody else would. The Ohio National Guard murdered four students at Kent State and several days later the Mississippi State Police together with Jackson city cops murdered a high school and Jackson State student. The cops, in various forms, beat and killed protesters in communities across the country. It is what these people are trained to do and in fact what they do. We are kidding ourselves if we expect these troops, be they the Virginia State Police or the Marines to treat people with dignity anywhere. But we can work on it, It's our job.

Bradley Manning supporters walk to place flowers on the monument at the Quantico gate. Bradley is being held and tortured here by the Marines. Shortly after the walk 35 people were arrested.

We all went to Quantico to demand that the Marines stop torturing Bradley Manning and set him free. Remember that he is only there because he exposed this very behavior and policy in Iraq.

At the gate in Quantico, I looked through the masks of the VSP to see if there was any love or hope in their eyes. I could see none. They are trained to show none, so I don't know what the cold, nervous stares meant. Perception is a huge thing in these confrontational situations. We all see something different.

These men and women hiding in the hard protective shells, isolated from the people, are responding mechanically to orders from elsewhere. Some of it is pure habitual response after having gone through repetitive, hateful training. The results are My Lai, Falluja, Jackson State and "Collateral Murder" to name a few.

Most of the demonstrators outside Quantico were veterans. We have been there and know what happens. With regret we did it or saw it happen in the past and have the memories burned in our brains. Although we may want these troops to treat people like human beings, we shouldn't expect a miracle at a time like this, it will take time. This is our job. These are the gunmen who are carrying out Obama's policies. As he kills innocent men, women and children around the world with his military we should be prepared for him to expect them to do the same to us.

I looked into the eyes of the people demonstrating. Beautiful! I know many of them. Strong, committed, loving people trying to non-violently effect some change to the gross injustice. Singing, smiling, caring . . . and the robots attack.

We should demand justice for Bradley now more than ever.

End the torture.
End the Wars.
End the Lies.

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