March 16, 2011

As we watch the nuclear disaster unfolding in Japan and the world, hopefully we can see the madness of nuclear weapons with more clarity than we let on in the past. The weapons are created and purposed to cause a disaster and/or create fear of one. The plowshares community has seen that clarity and put their bodies on the line. Read MaryAnne's letter, click on the link and figure out how each of us can support them.

MaryAnne's letter:

Dear All,

This is part of my project of letting people in different regions and parts of the country know what other people are doing so they can figure out where/if they can help out to bring about a more peaceful, clean, and just world. Many of us are so busy and active in our personal lives and community responsibilities that we are unaware of what goes on in other communities or regions and if there is anything we can do to work together and help each other out.

Five of the non-violence community members will be sentenced on March 28 in Tacoma, WA for a trespass onto Kitsap-Bangor Naval Base. After they got onto the base, they proceeded to the nuclear weapons housed there and proceeded to try to pound them into plowshares. I was one of many people who asked if there was anything we could do to defray the personal costs of our community's membership. Leonard put together the following guidelines about writing a pre-sentencing letter to Judge Settle, the magistrate who presided over the trial and who will conduct sentencing. Please copy this url:
into your browser and follow Leonard's instructions.

Thank you very much.

MaryAnne Coyle

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