March 19, 2009

Minister Kenney Walks Away From Iraq Veteran Kim Rivera

We need to focus on Kim and her family this week. She has a deportation date on the 26th of this month.
Our Canadian friends are working overtime to help her. Let's get on those phones and computers and let Kenney know we care about the outcome of her case.  It is beyond my comprehension . . . that he could be responsible for tearing  apart a family and sending the mom to prison and then suggest he is unaware of his decision. 

Feigning ignorance and running away ....

Kim Rivera has more courage in her little finger right now than Jason Kenney will muster in his entire life.


Mr. Kinney says he's not familiar with the details of Kim's case.

Maybe we should remind him:

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney
Ministry Office: 613.954.1064
Parliamentary Office: 613.992.2235 or
-thanks to Laura and Allan at We Move To Canada

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