March 2, 2009

War Resister Legal Defense Campaign

Laura, L-girl, from the We Move To Canada blog has started a defense fund for the war resisters in Canada:
I've started a Fundable campaign for war resister legal defense. We have until March 25 to raise $2500 or more.

Go here to read more, and please give if you can. A pledge can be as little as $10, and every bit helps.

You can also help make this happen by posting the link wherever you can: your blog, Facebook page, email contacts. If you belong to a peace and justice organization, please consider sending this to your mailing list.

Fundable faq.

We have 23 days left to make this happen.

My deepest thanks to the members of the wmtc community who have already donated.
Posted by L-girl at 3/02/2009

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