March 1, 2009

Anti-war groups protest Rochester City School Board's decision to give student information to military

I think back to some old movie about sacrificing the young (I can’t remember any one in particular). They throw some bodies into the volcano to appease the gods so they can go on with their lives. That was the image that came to mind when I read some of the news clips about the Rochester school board meeting this past week:
Feb. 27, 2009
Rochester anti-war groups protested Thursday night at the Rochester 
City School Board meeting over the reversal of the districts current 
opt-out policy when it comes to giving private student-information to 
military recruiters.
Students and parents used to be able to decide if they wanted 
personal information given to military recruiters, but the district 
is reversing the policy because it may not be in compliance with the 
No Child Left Behind Act, and if they don't, they could risk federal funding.

"To give this private information to allow recruiters to contact 
students at ages of 17 and 18 to take advantage of them maybe when 
they've received a rejection letters from college and to use 
predatory tactics like that is not something I'd like to see promoted 
here in Rochester," Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran Bryan Casler said.

People in support of the policy change say it gives an option to some 
kids who might otherwise not have one, and military recruiters are 
not trying to take advantage of anyone.
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