April 10, 2011

'Creechers' from Nevada murder 23 innocent Afghanis, including 2 little boys, with their Predator 'toys'. They kill them with Reapers from Syracuse.

Anatomy of an Afghan war tragedy
U.S. Predator teams and a special operations unit on the ground studying a suspicious convoy make a series of fateful missteps as they try to distinguish friend from foe."No way to tell from here," the camera operator added.
At 9:30 a.m., the pilot came back on the radio.

"Since the engagement," he said, "we have not been able to PID [positively identify] any weapons."

U.S. and Afghan forces reached the scene 2 1/2 hours after the attack to provide medical assistance. After 20 minutes more, medevac helicopters began taking the wounded to a hospital in Tarin Kowt, in Oruzgan. More serious cases were later transferred to Kabul.

"They asked us who we were, and we told them we were civilians from Kijran district," said Qudratullah, who lost a leg.

By the U.S. count, 15 or 16 men were killed and 12 people were wounded, including a woman and three children. Elders from the Afghans' home villages said in interviews that 23 had been killed, including two boys, Daoud, 3, and Murtaza, 4.

You need to take the time to read this article. It is the direction war-fighting is taking. People from halfway around the world are executing people with their video machines. It's popular with politicians because they falsely believe that their constituency won't care if they don't have a lot of our soldiers coming home in body bags.

After they track and kill all day at the 'office', they go home and play with their kids. Weird, but true. Some of the war resisters tell us that they couldn't do it to the children over their any more when they thought about their kids back home - so they left the military.

If we can accidentally kill innocent people from a few hundred feet away, I can't begin to imagine us being more accurate from the other side of the world.

If you are on the west coast mid-April, you can join the Sacred Peace Walk and make a statement opposing nuclear weapons and/or the drones at Creech AFB (north of Las Vegas)

If you are on the east coast join us on at the Ground the Drones / End the Wars protest on April 22nd in Syracuse and at Hancock Airbase. They just eased up on FAA regulations that allow the stealth drones to fly and 'play' over the Adirondacks and commercial airspace around Syracuse, NY.

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