April 24, 2011

The 37 Protestors who were arrested at Hancock Field April 22, 2011 protesting the Reaper Drones

In addition to the hundreds of protestors at Hancock Air Field in Syracuse, NY on April 22nd, the following 37 individuals raised the level of protest at the air field by participating in non-violent direct action and were arrested. They ranged in age from 17 to 91.

One of the speakers, Brian Terrell, asked the question that would guide him to cross the line and risk arrest:

You come upon a house and it is on fire, there's a 'no trespassing' sign on the door, there's a child in the window screaming.
"Is it a crime to break down that door, ignore the 'no trespassing' sign and go to the child?"

List of names of the arrested adapted by Ed Kinane from the april 23, 2011

Syracuse Post-Standard, p. A-7 and according to the Onondaga County Sheriff's office:

from Syracuse:

Jerry Berrigan, 91

Paul Wittjung, 67

Ed Kinane, 66

Ann Tiffany, 75

Rae Kramer, 50

Julienne Oldfield, 73

Kathleen Rumpf, 59

Rich Vallejo, 24

from Ithaca:

Ellen Grady, 48

Marion “Susie” Kyssack, 68

Richard Saddler, 46

Mary Anne Grady-Flores, 54

Dannie Burns, 50

from Trumansburg:

Craver Scibilia, 58

from Buffalo:

Vickie Ross 56

from Binghamton:

George Homanich, 63

Jim Clune, 63

from Johnson City:

Mary Snyder, 86

from Sharon Springs:

Elliott Adams, 64

from Spencer:

Ian Stone, 17

from Utica:

Patricia Powers, 55

M.W. Wadsworth, 32

from Vernon:

Cynthia Banas, 81

from Vew Hartford:

Pete Bianco, 32

from Rochester:

Harry Murray, 59

from Webster:

Judy Bello, 60

from Brooklyn:

Joan Pleune, 72

from NYC:

Beverly Rice, 73

out of state:

Fr. Bernie Survil, 70, Bradford, PA

Jules Orkin, 72, Bergenfield, NJ

Martha Hennessy, 55, Perkinsville, VT

Col. Ann Wright, 64, Honolulu, HI

Kathy Kelly, 58, Chicago, IL

Brian Terrell, 54, Maloy, IA

Beth Adams, 65, Leverett, MA

Some of the protestors outside the court after most were released later that evening

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