April 10, 2010

Josh Stieber on the Wikileaks video

Here is part of an Glenn Greenwald interview with Josh Stieber. You can listen to the INTERVIEW HERE. You should take the time to listen.

GG: Now, did you actually know any of the individuals involved in the incident depicted on the video?

JS: Yeah, I mean, I would have been on the mission that day and, I guess, something that goes to show how if it is, you know, a common thing, is that I had declined a couple of days earlier to follow a command that I didn't feel right in following so, so I was not allowed to go on this mission, or else I would have been in that video.

And then if you just look at the discussion coming up, like, on military.com, and other websites with a lot of military people on it, like they're defending it saying, you know, this is how things work, and how there are people make a big deal about it, this is what things look like, so I think even from people in the military, and people who argue that, you know, war is an effective way of solving things, even in the situation that they're saying, this is what things look like and don't criticize us for doing our jobs.

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