April 17, 2010

Good News! Army surrenders. Marc Hall accepts Chapter 10 discharge

As CNN and Army Times is reporting, Marc accepted a chapter 10 discharge this morning. This will allow the Army to not look like idiots at trial, and will free Marc within days. The discharge will be Other Than Honorable, but Atty David Gespass will work on the upgrade and to ensure Marc gets VA care for his service related injuries. Regardless of the Army's spin, and they have come out of the gates slandering him, we won. Congratulations to everyone who undertook this fight for justice.

Jeff Paterson of Courage to Resist, an organization dedicated to

supporting military objectors, noted,

“Spc Marc Hall pled guilty today to producing a hip-hop song the Army didn’t like in exchange for his freedom. It’s utterly outrageous that Army spokespersons continued to slander Marc today. Despite the Army having stacked everything against Marc—including moving the scheduled trial from Ft. Stewart, Georgia to Iraq—supporters overcame each obstacle in order to provide Marc with a fighting chance for justice. In the end, we won.”

-thanks to Victor and Jeff for the good news.

For further details about the case contact:
-David Gespass, attorney for Spc. Hall, 205-323-5966, thepasss@aol.com
-Jeff Paterson, advocate for Spc. Hall, 415-279-9697, jeff@couragetoresist.org

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