April 9, 2010

Free Marc Hall -Virtually Secret Trial April 27th in Iraq

If you oppose the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Stand up to the Generals

Support Marc Hall

the wars will end

when the soldiers refuse to fight

support our gi resisters

About to get out of the Army after serving 14 months in Iraq, Marc learned he was stop-lossed and going to be sent back to the war he opposed. He recorded an angry hip-hop song and sent it to the Pentagon. Nothing happened for several months as he sought PTSD treatment at Fort Stewart in Georgia. After filing an official complaint against the Army for inadequate mental health services, they locked him up in a Georgia jail December 12th. A few weeks ago they shackled and shipped him to a prison in Kuwait awaiting a virtually secret court-martial in Iraq on April 27th. The Army is trying to deny him a reasonable defense by sending him far away to a war zone without adequate access to defense resources. Help raise money for his defense.

The decision to try him in Iraq is typical of the work of Major General Cucolo, the same general who discriminated against women by making it illegal for woman soldiers to become pregnant in Iraq. He also locked up Alexis Hutchinson when she refused deployment to care for her infant son.They put her in jail and her baby in foster care. This action was reversed because of an outpouring of support. { Read more about Alexis [HERE] and [HERE] }

Let the Army know that we don’t believe the way to treat

a soldier’s PTSD is through jail and extraordinary rendition of one of our own.

Let the Army know we won’t allow them to destroy an artist

because the military doesn’t like the lyrics to a song

Buffalo Veterans For Peace will be screening the commercial film,

Stop-loss”, on Tuesday, April 13 at Hallwalls in Buffalo at 7pm.

discussion panel: WNYCLU director & disabled Gulf war veteran, John Curr;

Vietnam War Resister, Bruce Beyers & Vietnam veteran, Russell Brown

Donate to Marc Hall’s defense

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