May 14, 2009

Winter Soldier Southwest Held in Pasadena, California

“I can not mend what I’ve broken.” 

On Sunday, May 10, Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan gave testimony about their service in Iraq, treatment after returning home, PTSD and other issues in Winter Soldier Southwest.  Members of Military Families Speak Out and Veterans For Peace also testified.  

Read the report back from VFP Member Horace Coleman:

"You’d think that a day listening to what most people avoid acknowledging would be hazardous to your weekend. However, the crowd leaving after the Question & Answer session seemed uplifted. Perhaps it was seeing and hearing intelligent, articulate and informed war veterans who’d walked the walk and performed more practical patriotism in harsh conditions than most war hawks and arm chair patriots ever would.

"Maybe it was people saying in front of God and every one that they’d drunk some government Kool-Aid, experienced pain, loss and fallen down but gotten up again and were moving on. It could have been the call to abandon partisan politics and unite to forward common goals good for the country."  [READ MORE]

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