May 3, 2009

Political coward, Congressman Kurt Schrader, betrays Oregon Guard and defederalization advocates.

Leah, a friend in Oregon, posted that she was heading to a town hall meeting the other day. She planned to check with her state representative and senator to see if they were supporting Oregon's Campaign to Bring the Troops Home legislation. When asked how it went, she replied: 
"Not so good. my (state) representative has supported the legislation from the beginning, and the campaign was hoping that she could bring some others along. She reported no progress. 

My (state) senator is still riding the fence. He is afraid that supporting this legislation will somehow offend the troops. Read the Oregonian article I just posted -- It's very frustrating. 

I am the person who got (currently our congressman) Kurt Schrader's signature on the petition, and now he is telling the press that he wouldn't sign it today -- like it is some sort of betrayal to want to make sure that when people go into a combat zone to kill and be killed, that there is valid authority to compel it. It is very difficult for me to understand that logic, but that argument comes up again and again."

- thanks to Leah Bolger


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