May 14, 2009

Victor Agosto: There is no way I will deploy to Afghanistan. The occupation is immoral and unjust.

“It does not make the American people any safer. It has the opposite effect.

Victor Agosto is a Fort Hood, Texas member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and a local activist in the peace movement, particularly for the Fort Hood Support Network at Under the Hood Cafe. A Specialist in C Co 57th BSB Victor has served close to four years in the Army which includes one deployment to Iraq. During his deployment to Iraq, Victor concluded he no longer agreed with the mission of the occupation.
Recently Victor discovered he had been stop-lossed and therefore issued orders to deploy to Afghanistan. He has notified his Company Commander of his refusal to deploy and has subsequently decided to resist all orders supporting the occupation of Afghanistan. Information regarding Victor’s situation will be posted as it becomes available.

This is Victor's counseling statement, in which he refuses to deploy:

-thanks to Austin IVAW

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