February 13, 2009

Khullat Munir's Photos - Gaza display and sabotage

1300 small black flags were placed on the Arts Quad to mourn the massive loss of life in the recent Gaza offensive, representing both the Palestinian and Israeli deaths.

At 1:30pm on the first day of the display, the signs of the display were sabotaged and vandalized -- amounting to one of the most bigoted and disturbing actions seen on campus.

This morning the black flags lining the arts quad were taken by vandals
and made into a Star of David. Anyone wanting to help took the flags and we made a giant peace sign. The police & university are patrolling to make sure it is not removed or vandalized. Check it out as you walk by.


And while we're in Ithaca:

PeaceNow reaffirms support of Common Council for passing sanctuary resolution

Last month’s Ithaca Common Council meeting was interrupted for an hour by a shoe throwing incident in reaction to the Council’s signing of a resolution at the October 1 meeting designating Ithaca a Community of Sanctuary “thus respecting the rights of its residents to support lawfully and proactively military personnel and veterans who are organizing to stop the wars in and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The Ithaca Journal published today a letter by John Hamilton of PeaceNow Ithaca which reaffirms the group’s support of Council. Click
here to go to the letter on the Ithaca Journal’s website and to leave your comment.

In light of recent actions, PeaceNow reaffirms our support of Common Council for passing the Sanctuary resolution. Council members acted to uphold their oaths under the Constitution and strengthen the consistent rule of law upon which all our freedoms depend.
There seems to be questions among Americans whether the U.N. Charter, which makes every war of aggression illegal, applies to the U.S. It does. Always. In 1945, the U.S. Senate ratified the U.N. Charter as a federal treaty by a vote of 89 to 2, and President Truman signed it. Under Article 6 Section 2 of the Constitution, treaties have the same legitimacy as the Constitution itself. When the U.S. invaded Iraq, our government abandoned the rule of law in the full light of day before the world. There is no legal wiggle room here: our invasion is a war crime, under the U.N. Charter and our own Constitution. Even more, given global challenges we human face - environmental, economic, etc. - our survival on this fragile planet, and our children’s future, depends on strengthening international agreements, not abandoning them. We thank Council for supporting the Constitution, the U.N. Charter, and helping build a more desirable future for all Earth’s children.

We recognize many Americans have questions about the U.N. Charter. Why did we agree to it? How do we deal with a dangerous world?

We will soon be holding a public forum to discuss the U.N. Charter as it applies to the U.S. We hope to see you there.

John Hamilton

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