February 18, 2009

What can we do to help these people?

Although the Riveras have gotten a temporary stay since this video was made in January, they could be deported any day. 

I am filled with sadness and outrage daily as I constantly think about the ongoing injustice. Every time we escalate, my memories of Vietnam boil in my head.

I am also filled with love and compassion for the resisters. We (the US) threaten the people who make courageous, moral decisions. They are the kind of people we want living in our neighborhoods. They raise their families and work hard to create a secure and loving home, all the while understanding that the future they are planning is fragile. They face separation and prison.

We allow the war criminals like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, to name a few, to travel freely and make huge amounts of money speaking around the country and building monuments to their criminal legacy of occupation, torture, injustice and killing. (George is currently building his library twice as big as his fathers and I can't imagine enough intelligent material from his administration to fill a closet.)

What can we do to help these people? We need to be discussing this with our friends and coworkers. Obama has just ordered an increase of 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. Smells like Johnson and Vietnam.

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