May 3, 2010

22 Arrested Declaring Grand Central Station a Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone

Banners dropped in Grand Central Station May 3. Photo by Ellen Davidson

May 3, 2010 | Ellen Davidson , IndyBlog
Twenty-two activists were arrested May 3 at Grand Central Station for dropping banners off the balconies of the main hall and staging a die-in.

Organized by the War Resisters League, the action declared Grand Central a nuclear weapons-free zone and called for disarmament here in the United States first. Wearing t-shirts that said “No Nukes Begin with U.S.,” the protesters handed out thousands of leaflets to rush-hour commuters and circled the information booth with a picket with large signs shaped like skulls with the names of all the nuclear-armed nations. Participants came from around the country and the world; they were in New York for actions relating to the Nuclear Non-Profileration Review Conference. [SEE MORE HERE]
-thanks to Indymedia

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