February 23, 2010

Marc Hall still in Georgia jail. Military shows off PTSD treatment.

Army Spc. and Iraq war veteran Marc Hall.

The good news is that Marc Hall is still in the states, incarcerated at the Evans County Jail in Claxton, GA. This is only 'good news' because the military is threatening to send him to Iraq to face court-martial any day. It is not reasonable to expect a fair and public trial in Iraq for many reasons, including extreme limitations on possible witnesses.

For those who are not familiar with Marc's situation, read Dahr Jamail's article here and a previous post here for more information and a link to his song. After Marc found out he was being stop-lossed, he recorded an angry hip hop song and sent it to the Pentagon. They did nothing for weeks. When he refused to go back to the war a few days before his outfit deployed, he was arrested for his song. Marc was refusing to go back and kill innocent people so they locked him up.
"Marc did nothing to no one. He is an example of the treatment of soldiers with PTSD while still on active duty. His song was a call for help. The army's answer was jail."
Friends and Family of Army Spc Marc Hall are organizing support and fundraising for his defense. Courage to Resist has set up a dedicated donation/fund page for Marc Hall. Because of the cruel and ridiculous behavior of the military it is urgent that we make our donations as soon as possible. Evidently the Generals are split on what to do. Half of them want to burn him and make an example for other soldiers considering refusing to go again. Let them know they are not only not winning the hearts and minds of their own soldiers, they're not winning ours either.
Other organizations and folks should feel free to create their own
forwarding page to the following link:
Courage To Resist will provide ongoing reports of donations.

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