February 20, 2010

Cindy Sheehan to Veterans For Peace: Camp OUT NOW

Dear Friends,

Veterans For Peace (the organization and the members) and I go way back--way before Camp Casey in the Summer of 2005.

Exactly five weeks after Casey was killed in Iraq, his dad and I traveled six hours down the coast to attend Arlington West in Santa Barbara after I saw a report on CNN that featured the monument and Veterans for Peace.

The night before I went to Crawford to demand a meeting with George Bush, I spoke at the VFP convention and you all know what happened next--Bush did not meet with me, and we set up Camp Casey. I could not have done that or the rest of my activities since then without the help of you Vets and Veterans for Peace.

Now, my new organization, Peace of the Action, is setting up and anti-war camp on the lawn of the Washington Monument in DC called, Camp OUT NOW. Camp OUT NOW (named by VFP member, Ward Reilly from Baton Rouge) will be a sustained camp and we will perform daily acts of civil resistance until our demands are heard and met.

I am writing to invite you to all or part of this courageous and audacious action.

I am once again honored by the support of Veterans For Peace and I look forward to being involved in Camp OUT NOW with you all.

In love, peace and solidarity,
Cindy Sheehan and the Peace of the Action Team

-thanks to Veterans For Peace

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