January 10, 2010

All we do is watch

We look for the patterns that make us feel comfortable, that fill us with hope; patterns we like to see repeated - like our soldiers refusing to fight in illegal and unjust wars. Unjust wars? More than likely I'm having the same problem as you trying to conceptualize just wars.

We overlook the patterns we should disrupt - our courageous, outspoken War Resisters being persecuted.

These patterns bring us a feeling of unity with others around the world - wherever.
We delude ourselves to feel that we are part of the beginnings of a weaving on a global loom.

We delude ourselves.
We only watch the work being done by others.

Recent/Innocent recruits - learn to kill.
Go to war - kill.
Filled with horror and shame - Refuse to do it again.

They see the systematically confused communities back home - They speak Out.
Tell the story - Share the truth.
Years evading the authorities and speaking out - they go to prison - for doing the right thing.
We watch.

We watch the mercenaries in the kill-corporations like Blackwater (Xe): murder, abuse, harass, intimidate, terrorize - do whatever they want and nothing happens to them. They make a lot of money.

We watch the CIA and the military assassinate people with the drones - like stepping on eggs. When CIA / XE terrorists fall victim to their own game, the other lawless creeps in their nasty camarilla run around calling for revenge forgetting that this was an obvious response to the odious work they have been doing since the 70's. The US bureaucrats howl cloaked messages in unison really meaning: "Our Corportions - what now? how will we protect them"

We watch them watch others. We watch them kill others. Sitting with the illusion of safety often cacooned thousands of miles away from their targets - the cowards help create their own monsters.

We watch as they sit in the mouth of a dragon so enormous they don't even realize where they are. A constantly evolving monster mutating with each new nutcase it hooks up with. We watch.

We also watch soldiers carry out missions that break (like rip, snap, crack) families and the people in them and then come home broken to broken families - sometimes the government tries to repair the broken soldiers - a new leg, some plastic surgery, counseling, pills - some good help, lots of bad help - for many no help.

We watch soldiers refuse to kill innocent people - refuse to harass and intimidate anymore - We watch as the government breaks up their families and locks up these Veterans.

We watch lethargic vets organizations beg for bandages and do nothing to help their resisting brothers and sisters who fought the same illegal wars again and again until they finally 'broke' in a different way - that is, they couldn't kill or terrorize any more.

We watch as the military lures them in, winds them up with a weapon, fills their heads with racist rhetoric and points them toward some innocent people in some foreign land. But when they see the pain and when they feel the pain, we watch them put down their weapons, turn around, and walk towards love and compassion. It's beautiful - so we lock them up.

All we do is watch.
And Congress sends more money to do it all again.

And we watch.


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