January 16, 2010

War Resister, Cliff Cornell, gets early release from prison.

I was excited to read news stories about Cliff Cornell being released from prison. His is one of those war stories about a wonderful man who refused to fight in Iraq. He went to Canada, built a new life, was unjustly deported by the Harper Regime, arrested in the states, and sent to prison to serve a one year term.

He just had his sentenced reduced and he was released from prison early. A 'less than one year sentence' means he won't be considered a felon. Although he still faces an arduous task, he has a better though chance of returning to his friends in British Columbia.

From a C_FAX 1070 article:
"Well, I just got out this morning and the thing I'm looking forward to now is going home and seeing my family and friends I haven't seen in five years. That's the priority right now. After that I really don't know which way to go."

He says he is relieved to be free and now wants to return to Gabriola Island, and will contact a lawyer to find out how to re-apply for citizenship.
Read War Resister released from U.S. prison wants to come back to Canada in the Canadian Press.

Gradually I notice a blur developing in front of my left eye. I take my reading glasses off to see if there is some dust or a fingerprint. Instead I find a tiny clear plastic rectangle with the gold numbers, 1.50, and a gold rectangular line functioning as a border. It's practically in the middle of the lens.

I've been wearing these glasses for reading for about a week. I never noticed it before. What happened to practicing "mindfulness"?

Just this morning, while I was repairing a friends window sash, I stepped on these very same glasses and got to examine them closely. A lens popped out and one of the arms(?) was bent about 90 degrees. I took a few minutes to get the lens back in and straighten the frame. I did not notice the little clear plastic sticker.

Sometimes my inability to function with my tiny problems makes me tired. The 'glasses' thing is very small, but as with a single word on a printed page, it is one of many in a day. When I examine all my petty little malfunctions, I wonder about how will I ever be able to contribute to helping the people that are victims of the huge and horrendous things going on around the world if I can't get out of my own way.

Tonight I'm tired. But my overwhelming feeling is joy because of Cliff's freedom. We love you Cliff and what you've done. Welcome home! -Russell

I like this video. These are some of the people from Canada who work tirelessly for our War Resisters. It's good to know that there are people who are caring for our veterans and prisoners of war who have refused to kill.

-thanks to We Move To Canada

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