November 11, 2009

Kathy Kelly speaks about the drones

Kathy Kelly, lifetime peacemaker, was the keynote speaker at the WNY Peace Center's annual dinner Saturday night. I listened to this strong peaceful woman share her first hand accounts again at lunch on Sunday.

If you were unable to come to one of her speaking events, listen to her here. She shares her experiences with the occupied and attacked people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza with an emphasis on the drones. She also tells us about the Peaceable Assembly Campaign.

Hopefully you will be moved to take action and develop a strategy to ground the drones used to assassinate and kill people thousands of miles away.

Join us to let them know we don't want Syracuse to become a frontline, war-fighting city.

We won't allow them to kill innocent people from our communities.

We don't want to be killing them from anywhere.

After the demonstration, come to plan how, together, we can ground the drones. Put yourself in the way of this horrifying evolution of warfare.

-thanks to the WNY Peace Center for bringing her to Buffalo and providing the recording.

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