November 1, 2009

British soldiers support one of their own, War Resister, Joe Glenton

British trooper, Joe Glenton, who faces jail for refusing to return to Afghanistan after a tour of duty in 2006, says soldiers support his cause.

Glenton led a massive peace rally in London where thousands of people demonstrated to show their disapproval of the unpopular occupation, calling for the pullout of troops.

The 27-year-old soldier who serves with the Royal Logistics Corps, returned to his barracks near Oxford where he was greeted by applause as fellow soldiers share his view on the need for ending the war.

"When I came back to barracks I was wondering what they would throw at me, but the reaction was heartening," he said. "There were handshakes and a lot of pats on the back. Someone said I was saying what everyone else is thinking. I heard that from several people."

The Afghan mission has grown increasingly deadly in recent months. Over 220 British soldiers have been killed there since 2001.

A recent poll suggests more than 60 percent of Britons want their troops back home soon.


-thanks to Press TV

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