October 10, 2009

Nasty Rochester gunmen (with guns, sticks and their 27 police cars) attack, injure and arrest peaceful anti-war protesters

Funk the War, a demonstration to demand an end to the war in Afghanistan and for increased education funding, was violently attacked by police this evening. At least 10 people were arrested, many are still in custody right now. One of the arrestees was reported to be bleeding from her face after being tackled by two cops into the the base of a light pole, she is currently sitting in the back of a police car without access to medical attention.

Update:The current arrest count is 12, everyone has been released from jail. The protester who's face was bruised and cut was pushed by a single police officer, not 2. A second protester went to Rochester General Hospital for stitches because of the police attack.

Update 2:The African-American student who was first arrested was with the march since the start. He didn't join halfway.

Bryan Casler, IVAW member from Rochester:
My fellow activist back in Rochester had a protest on the anniversary of the Afghanistan war. The police brutality that went down was caught on tape by Indy Media. After watching this I felt the urge to write the Rochester Chief of Police. If you do too, here is his email: david.moore@cityofrochester.gov.

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