October 22, 2009

Iraq War Resister, Rodney Watson, explains why he refused to be stop-lossed and returned to Iraq. He has taken sanctuary in a Vancouver church.

After his experience in Iraq, Rodney said he would never return to the war zone. When he rotated back to his base he experienced a situation similar to Victor Agosto and thousands of other soldiers. Rodney Watson was almost done with his military contract when he learned his outfit at Fort Hood was returning to Iraq and he would be stop-lossed.

Victor Agosto refused to go and was court-martialed.

Rodney Watson chose Canada. The Harper Regime, in opposition to the will of most Canadians and the Parliament, has refused to give him sanctuary in Canada. Now he is living in a church and being supported by the local community.

Laura, of We Move To Canada, writes in her blog today some suggestions for Canadians:
How you can help:
  • Write a letter in support of Rodney to your local paper. The Council of Canadians has a great tool to find addresses. Your best shot at getting a letter published is to keep it under 200 words. But even if your letter doesn't run, it helps other letters get published.

  • Donate if you can; no amount is too small (or too large!). Whether or not you can donate, circulate the link to support our fundraising campaign for legal defence of war resisters facing deportation. Donate here.

  • Contact your MP. Ask her or him to support Bill C-440, which will give the weight of law to two motions already passed in the House of Commons.
  • -We should write the papers in Canada and here in the states supporting Rodney Watson and other War Resisters.

    -We should donate to the organizations that are helping our War Resisters at home and in other countries.

    -We should call our senators, representatives, etc and demand an end to the wars and an end to the persecution of our prisoners of conscience.

    -But for now we should take care of the families of the war resisters. Organize our neighborhoods, churches, social organizations, etc. to assist these families while their soldier leaves the country or goes to prison for refusing to fight in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.

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