December 18, 2008

Support the resisters and the organizations that support them.

Take some time this holiday season to share your support for the courageous men and women who are resisting war. If you know of a family in your neighborhood, at your work, church, social group - wherever - that needs help while their soldier is in prison or living in Canada or underground in America, see if there is any way you can help them. Moral support, phone cards to contact their soldier, childcare, transportation, and housing are just a few of the possibilities.  Make a commitment - make a commitment you can keep.

If you can help the organizations that help these people, please do.

 Courage to Resist makes the following suggestion and some addresses to write some of the people they are helping.

Write holiday greetings to war resisters

The holidays are a difficult time for many folks, especially when separated from family and friends. Now imagine you’re a war resisters imprisoned for refusing to fight in Iraq.

Please take a few moments this holiday season to write a letter of support to a imprisoned objector. Better yet, organize your social club to collectively write letters to these brave men with the courage to resist.

Tony Anderson, Robin Long, and Daniel Sandate are currently jailed and are not expecting release until well into 2009. Benji Lewis, Blake Ivey and André Shepherd are publicly taking bold stands against war that may result in their eventual courts martial.

Anthony Michael Anderson
PO Box 305
Fort Sill OK 73503-5305

Robin Long
PO Box 452136
San Diego CA 92145-2136

Benji Lewis,
Blake Ivey, and
Daniel Sandate
c/o Courage to Resist
484 Lake Park Ave #41
Oakland CA 94610

André Shepherd
c/o Military Counseling Network (MCN)
Hauptstrasse 1, D-69245 Bammental
($.94 USPS postage req.)

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