December 6, 2008

Trevor Loope addresses Ithaca Common Council

This link is to an article in the Ithaca Journal. It takes place at the Ithaca Common Council meeting earlier this week. Trevor came to ask them to write or sign a letter of support that he would bring with him to Fort Drum the next morning when he would be returning to the base. He came to Ithaca because they unanimously passed a resolution declaring themselves a "community of sanctuary" that would "respect and not interfere with the lawful activities of military personnel, veterans, and all others who are opposed to the immoral wars in and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan" back on October 1st.

He made his request and several other people spoke in support of the issue. The chamber was filled with supporters.

All but one of the council members said they would write or sign a supportive statement for him by the morning. The other member made no statement regarding the issue.
Trevor's lawyer, Tod Ensign from Citizen Soldier in NYC, asked that people call the base commander, Major General Oates, to check on the status of Trevor. There is a concern for Trevor's well-being if he gets lost in the system.

Trevor Loope

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