January 12, 2011

The politics of Targets. From Binh Thuy to Tuscon

The POLITICS of TARGETS. Palin's bulls eye targets of 20 Congr candidates to be defeated because they support health care ("don't retreat, Instead RELOAD) conceivably is outrageously illegal hate speech. Map on rt shows targets of "enemy" in Binh Thuy environs - inhabited villages in Viet Nam's Mekong Delta slated for likely bombings, 9,000 miles fm Wash, DC. Pilots carrying out bombings win promotions.

Motto: "Our business is killing, and business is good."

This intelligence map was updated everyday in our bunker in Binh Thuy in 1969, with a similar one at our intelligence HQ at Tan Son Nhut along with maps of all 10 7th Air Force bases in country.

My point is that we are targeting human beings all over the world, murdering and maiming millions of them, all considered by our political & military leaders & many of our citizens as legal policy carried out by acts of patriotism. It is our model, and it starts at the top, and works it way down as part of the USAmerican ethos of exceptionalism, self righteousness, and rationalized hubris. It is all sick, all a product of some very severe ubiquitous mental illness created by an obsession to control covering over deep insecurities about our own "original sin" humanity. Theologian Mathew Fox wrote some time ago the antidote: "Original Blessing." But we, at least in the materialist West, do not believe that yet.

As I said, our national bi-partisan model - displayed constantly right from the top - is targeting people and cultures all over the world. Since 1798, the US has overtly militarily invaded more than 100 countries at least 560 times, and 390 of them have occurred since WWII, mostly in what we describe as "Third World" cultures. Also since WWII the USA has covertly intervened thousands of times in over a hundred countries while bombing 28 of them. Millions have been murdered; billions impoverished, all inflicted with total impunity.

And since the Civil War the US has made thousands of threatening military port calls around the world. Now with a doctrine of full spectrum dominance, the US has military ships in every sea space, planes in every airspace, troops in 150 countries, and is actively militarizing space.

This pathology is called, in Jungian terms, as "projection," a dirty trick used to avoid looking at ones own dark shadows by projecting them on others "out there," devising various schemes of demonizing and creating evils de jour.

-thanks to S Brian Willson for photo and comment

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