December 13, 2010

Trinity Church in Buffalo: End Torture - Forever

I drove past this sign several times last week. Yesterday I pulled over and snapped a picture with my phone. It's in front of the Trinity Church in downtown Buffalo. What was odd about it was that none of the other churches have any signs similar to this. It shouldn't stand out, it should be the norm.

I remember sitting in on this meeting a while ago. It was mostly Catholic priests and nuns. They were trying to figure out how they could get the Bishops of the Catholic Church to enforce the Fifth commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill. (In many other religions it is usually the Sixth Commandment and says, You Shall Not Kill/Murder.)

But I like to imagine, what if the Catholics decided to abide by their own rules? Imagine how decimated the military's ability to occupy, terrorize, and torture would be. And if the other religions also enforced it? It would be difficult to imagine or comprehend.

One of the priests suggested dropping condoms with the bombs. "Maybe then the Church would demand an end to the bombing (and killing)".

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