November 1, 2010

Protesting the Body Snatchers in downtown Buffalo

It's a wonderful thing to drive by the recruiters' offices in downtown Buffalo and see protesters out there every week. It's nice to see warm, passionate people on cold days in front of the cold, deathly offices of the military - week after week.

Their lively, whitened, painted faces pronounce and counter the death and murder deviously hawked from behind the windows of the ticket offices for the military crypts - mausoleums for burying the innocence of our youth.

Offices allowed to operate in the heart of a city - signing up kids to learn to kill.

The blinds are often closed on these large-windowed crypts on the sidewalk. Are the men and women inside embarrassed to show their faces to the public? They know that many of the kids they have recruited from these very offices have died or been inured beyond repair or participated in some odious occupation and international war crimes.

What a place to call "the office" or "work". "Bye kids, daddy's got to go to work."
I feel bad that they have to live with that. Hopefully they will see the light and refuse to continue contributing to deadly corporate and militarist demands. Maybe they can find a job that will make their kids proud of their mom or dad. Make them proud of themselves.

-Photo's from Rob Gould's photo album

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