October 14, 2010

Rodney Watson can't come to Fort Erie, but you can. Meet some of the GI resisters in Canada.

Two more days until "Refusing Orders/Crossing Borders" in Fort Erie, Ontario. If you need directions, go to the site and click on the appropriate map link.

As the event approaches I keep thinking about Rodney Watson. It would have been great if he could have participated. The problem is that he is living in sanctuary in a church in Vancouver, BC. with his wife and child. Back in September, 2009 the Canadian government order him out of the country - deported. Instead he took sanctuary in a church. If he leaves the building, he faces arrest and deportation and begins a whole new incarceration in a military prison separated from his family.

It was my intention to visit and possibly do a video interview with him while I was on the west coast. Unfortunately my most wonderful partner became ill and had a serious, unexpected surgery, We hobbled back to Buffalo where she awaits further testing.

In the meantime our love goes out to Rodney and his family. This is a video from September, 2009.

See also this recent post on Quiet Mike's Mumblings. He suggests you write Prime Minister Harper.

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