June 28, 2010

G20 police terrorize peaceful protesters

I have been reading all these blogs, viewing YouTube videos, etc. trying to understand what was happening in Toronto. I wasn't there but I still feel some of the outrage these people must have experienced. As much as we would hope to see the police acting as safety officers, it seldom comes down that way. The "EXPOSED..." video shows them terrorizing and attempting to intimidate peaceful demonstrators singing the Canadian anthem. But they go one step further. It's like watching a science fiction movie. The cops link together in this impenetrable wall of boots, shields and helmets. They show no sense of humanity. Then the wall opens quickly to squirt 2 or 3 of its seedy innards into the innocent sea of soft humans. These gross demons snatch up the unsuspecting victims and disappear through a temporary opening into the G20 monster. Who were these people with the helmets? Did they ever have kids or family? It's hard to imagine.

Thankfully there didn't seem to be any orders from above for the police to shoot people like at Kent State or Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan.

The irony is that this same machine never intervened with the black bloc burning police cars or smashing windows in the storefronts. No cops, no arrests. Several bloggers and videographers insist that the reason for this is that they were police provocateurs. They show photos and videos of them wearing the same clothing as the police, being protected behind police lines, etc. The assumption is that these violent actions against property were done so there would be some video for the media that they could use to justify the $1.2 Billion dollar totalitarian response that included unjusyified violence against human beings. This means the police did the property and the people.

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