March 14, 2010

Stand up to the Generals! Marc Hall has and he sits in a prison in Kuwait waiting for us to step up.

Marc will have his Article 32 hearing this week; the best guess is maybe Tuesday. Then they will more than likely schedule his court martial in four to six weeks. The military sent him to be tried in the Middle East so he would be denied public support and witnesses for his defense. We need to raise thousands of dollars to send his lawyer, ptsd psychologist, his mom, and expert witnesses.

Marc faces many years in prison. Don't allow the military to win this nasty attack on one of our soldiers who chose not to go back when he was stop lossed. We want the war to end. The soldiers need to refuse to participate since the politicians don't seem to care how many they send to die and be wounded for these illegal wars and have no intention of bringing to an end. They certainly don't seem to care how many Iraqis, Pakistanis and Afghanis are terrorized and killed.

If we want to end these wars we need to support the soldiers who take a stand. Marc Hall has done just that. Read his story and make a donation as soon as possible.

We want our soldiers to have a creative way to express their anger without brutalizing themselves, their families and their communities. Marc has chosen a creative expression of his anger. He wrote a hip hop song and sent it to the Pentagon.

The generals are concerned that the soldiers will start refusing like they did near the end of the Vietnam War. Dahr Jamail says that at least half of the soldiers were refusing their orders in Vietnam. It wasn't just the peace movement that finally brought that war to an end; it was the GI Resistance combined with the peace movement back home and the resistance of the Vietnamese people the brought the war to an end.

How many times do the generals have to send these men and women back to the war zones before we allow them to say "enough".

Let's bring these wars to an end. Support the GIs who are resisting the illegal wars.

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