December 2, 2009

Obama - the anti-war candidate? Give me a break.

Listen to all the radio and tv pundits referring to Obama as the anti-war candidate. Where have these people been?

He's shared his bloodlust with all of us during the debates with Hillary. I remember him telling us how he was going to cut back on the troops in Iraq (not completely withdraw the troops), increase the troops in Afghanistan so we can win the good war, and go into Pakistan after the enemy and kill.

Since he's been president, he's approved the assassination of 'suspected' Al-Qaeda members and then expanded the assassinations to Taliban and who knows what other categories. What happened to trials? He is responsible for the murder of countless innocent civilians. How do people get off calling him the anti-war president?

Perhaps it is an effort to neutralize the language. Many people tell me how nice it is to have a president who can speak well, as if style were more important than content.

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