July 16, 2009

Afghanistan vet, Chris Vassey, goes to Canada

By WRSC (Canada) and Courage to Resist. July 16, 2009

Christopher Vassey served 5 years in the United States Army with a decorated combat tour in Afghanistan. After returning stateside, the Stockton, California native decided the war contradicted his moral values and personal political beliefs. With another combat tour around the corner, and carrying the haunting memories of war, Sgt Vassey made a decision that would change his life forever.

Chris packed his bags and headed north to Canada where he joined hundreds of other US troops who are seeking refuge from our unjust, endless occupation wars. He has made Toronto, Ontario his home for the last year. He has made friends, family, and dreams of a peaceful future in Canada. If permitted, he wants to become a permanent resident of Canada and work towards his citizenship.

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mwilkie said...

And Canada will be blessed to have him. We welcome him with open arms.